Head of Design

2004 – 2007
As Head of Design for RAP, my role was very diverse. I was responsible for all the creative work across numerous high street brands, as well as the smooth running of the graphics department. I lead a small team of designers and we worked closely with a team of product designers. Often we would collaborate, conceptualising new packaging solutions to answer a specific brief.
I have discovered that the design industry for me has been about learning on my feet. RAP was growing rapidly (pardon the pun) and like P&M I soon found myself learning and gaining new experiences.  
It was here I got a real taste for nurturing designers and the enjoyment it gave me. 
Selected work examples
Packaging for a range of sandwiches.
Christian and I worked closely on a variety of projects during our time at RAP. he is hugely experienced and demonstrated a calm, pragmatic and resourceful approach to his work, as well as a meticulous attention to detail. Always happy to help others and above all, a pleasure working with for so many years.

Richard Davis | Product Designer
Packaging for a new sushi company.
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