Shillington College

Graphic Design Teacher

2007 – 2013
I was fortunate to be the first employee at Shillington UK, being involved at the start in what turned out to be a very successful teaching concept in the UK.
Like all my previous experiences I had to learn (very quickly) on my feet. To be in a studio style environment and be responsible for teaching graphic design was simply amazing. 
Simon Davies (who wrote the first course) was another mentor for me — his unique and innovative teaching style and ability to instil a passion for design was infectious. Through working alongside him I became very comfortable and confident imparting my own passion and experiences whilst teaching the curriculum. 
Within 6 months I became responsible for running the full time (FT) class of 24 students, teaching them the technical and theoretical aspects of Graphic Design. This involved understanding how to take a brief, research and development, through to helping them implement their designs by teaching the necessary programmes. 
As an intensive course of fee paying students the responsibilities and results were paramount to the success and growth of the college. The success of the course allowed for rapid expansion and colleges in Manchester and New York soon followed London. Holly Karlsson who I taught alongside with, has gone on to become the Director of NY, which I take great pride in.
from the moment I started working with Christian I was impressed by his passion for teaching. I was really struck by his dedication to the students. he is fabulously patient, nurturing and a gifted communicator.

Holly Karlsson | Shillington US Director
Christian was my tutor at Shillington College. He always showed patience during the many many questions, humour during his presentations and encouragement in exploring our own unique styles. Christian did have a teaching Achilles heel though: shortcut keys. His insistence of us using them was serious and relentless. Christian made sure we were lightning fast on a keyboard and it really paid off… it’s a skill that has been commented on time after time in my professional career and one I am forever grateful to have.

Sarah Slotover | Student
As my lecturer at Shillington College, he helped me turn what was a passionate hobby into a career and I can’t thank him enough — it’s really changed my life. A great teacher, a lovely bloke and fellow beard-growing enthusiast, although mine is much better!

Richard Loveday | Student
Christian had the patience of a saint and the delivery of a primary school teacher — he has that rare talent for making the most complex terms sound like real words and I think that’s what kept many of us students from going properly mad (that, and his beer fridge). Christian got me started in the industry and for that I pledge my eternal gratitude. I thank you.

Lynsay Clark | Student
With his unique style of diplomacy, we could always rely on Christian to highlight issues we never thought we had.

Ray Smith | Student
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